Have you ever considered using a video? Promotional video is one of the most effective ways to gain your business exposure and promotion. Whether you’re promoting your products, brand, staff or services, promotional video could be one of the best tools you have never used.

Despite video being one of the most effective tools out there, it can come across as being challenging, difficult to produce and unnecessarily expensive. However, with all sorts of new services helping you to find video producers and providing you with relevant information on how much promotional video should cost as well as how to plan an effective video, it is often a lot easier than you may think.

However, before any of this, it is crucial to start to understand what sort of video would be right for your business. There are millions of videos out there, but where do you start? Thankfully I have taken the time to put together 5 videos which I believe are great promotional video examples. I hope these examples will inspire you to produce your very own business video and reap the rewards.

GreenPeace – The Little Explorer

Promotional videos are not always about selling more products. In this video filmed by video production company The Mono Grande, we see just how effective a video can be in portraying a very real message very effectively.

By using a very relatable visual story of a young innocent girl exploring the bottom of the ocean in her imagination, you are lulled into a sense of calm and enjoyment. However, when the reality of over-fishing is introduced, both you and the poor young girl’s dreams are shattered by others selfish actions. This video has brought GreenPeace great success, with over 500,000 views as well as being featured as The Drum’s Ad Of The Week

Ultima Solutions – Promo

As promotional videos go, this is not by any means a typical example. Despite this, it is still a beautiful and engaging example by video production company; Biscuit Media. Personally, I think the video is very successful in engaging you as a viewer, with the motion graphics taking you on a visual journey while you are presented with key information. The elegance and finesse of the production do wonders for Ultima as a brand, suggesting a reliable, professional yet innovative company.

Always – #likeagirl

You have no doubt seen this video, or at least heard of Always’s campaign; #likeagirl. As promotional videos go, this really is up there as one of the best. With over 61 Million views, the campaign and this video has been hugely effective at raising Always’s brand awareness. In many ways, this video is so good because it doesn’t even mention Always’s products. By using a concept which is relatable to all women, Always as a brand empowers you and makes you believe in yourself. At the same time believing in its products

GoPro – The Adventure of Life

I am sure you are already aware of GoPro’s excellent marketing strategy. GoPro is another example of a company who does not tell us about their product but instead focuses on what their product pushes you to do. This promotional video is, of course, no different, highlighting GoPro’s ethos of ‘Be A Hero’ the video empowers and inspires you to go beyond others and fulfil your dreams. With over 28 million videos on YouTube, it has been a huge success. You may be thinking, sure, but they have a huge budget! Despite having a large budget, the idea behind their videos is actually incredibly simple, the sort of idea you could easily come up with and apply to a smaller budget, so have a think!

Patagonia – Worn Wear: A Film About the Stories We Wear

Patagonia has been producing some superb promotional material of late. From their Worn Wear campaign to their ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ adverts. With nearly 500,000 views on YouTube, this Worn Wear film has been a huge success. By focusing on the stories of people wearing their products they create a very cool and aspirational brand image. This video makes you believe in Patagonia’s products and its ethos. It creates a community around its products, a community which you want to join.


I hope you have found my promotional video examples relevant and inspiring. Sure these are not the cheapest videos to produce – but that is not the point. Effective videos are all about the ideas and stories behind them. Take your time to think about how you could involve people with your company’s story and before you know it you’ll have a great idea for your promotional video. A great promotional video is not about your budget, it’s about the story behind it.

Not sure where to start? Connect with one of our video producers to start getting help and advice from people who do this for a living.

Do you have any examples you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.