Working in a startup often means long hours, bad coffee and a harsh learning curve which forces you to learn from your failures. It means that your budget isn’t all that big and that no expense is taken for granted. Practically, that means that often video is considered a luxury that your company cannot presently afford. This is a mistake. Creating a video and specifically an animated video is something your company needs.

Your Startup Needs an Animated Video

1. Animated Videos Show Companies That They Have a Problem

Before you can even begin to speak about your product you must make your viewer aware that they have a problem that needs solving. Because animated videos are able to show you many ideas and actions at once, people will be able to grasp to scope of their problem.

2. Animated Videos Simplify Complex Ideas

While your clients may understand their business problem, it isn’t always simple to explain how your solution works. While you may understand what a “cloud based solution” is, that doesn’t mean your clients do (Hint: its has nothing to do with cirrus, cumulus or stratus clouds). This is especially true if you are marketing a tech solution to an industry that isn’t traditionally tech savvy. If your potential clients don’t understand your solution, they are not likely to convert into customers. Because of animation allows you to connect various snapshots of your business within a couple of frames, your video viewers will be more likely to understand your solution as it pertains to their business.

3. Animated Videos are Startup Budget Friendly

Because animated video doesnt require actors and the scale of video equipment that a live video does, it can be far more cost efficient for startups on a budget. There are even some great do it yourself animated video technologies that can be used to create a great video such as GoAnimate.

4. People Remember Animated Videos

In the end of the day your startup is only one of the many startups or solutions that your viewer will see in given day or week. According to HBR, people remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see. In order for you to be on the top of your customers mind you have to leave him with an impression that is likely to stay with him for a while. Creating an animated video for your startup that captures the viewers attention is therefore critical in order to remembered.