Corporate Videos

Video has become an essential part of many company’s marketing strategies. Let’s face it, people these days are reading less and less. Video offers strong visuals to catch and keep your visitor’s attention, increase their time on your site, and ultimately boost lead conversions. Including corporate videos on your website is a great way to tell your company’s story in an entertaining and visually appealing way.

There is no perfect formula for corporate videos. No two companies are the same. Factors like industry, company culture, and budget all play a role in producing a great video. The most important thing is to tell your company’s story and highlight the people who make the company culture special.

Surprise, surprise…we at StoryTeller love a good story. It is the foundation of everything we do. So when we come across a video that leaves us moved, we remember it and share it with you. Here are a few examples of corporate videos that inspire us, chock full of great stories.

1. Origins of Brooklyn Brewery

This corporate video is not what you anticipate for a brewery, it is so much more than just highlighting the beer and how the brewery got started. It’s a video about life’s unexpected turns and living the American dream.

2. TOMS HQ Update

As a company, TOMS has a very inspirational mission; buy TOMS shoes or glasses and individuals in third world countries will also receive shoes and glasses. This corporate video, however, does not even talk about that! TOMS has taken the idea of corporate videos one step further and posts frequent “HQ Updates” highlighting their employees and their office-based initiatives.

3. Be the Match: Jodi and Brie’s Journey

This is a corporate video (created by our StoryTellers) pulls majorly at our heart strings. Be the Match is an organization that matches donors with patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. It is a great example of a corporate video that shows why you should want to work with the organization and how it affects others.

4. Google Interns’ First Week

We all know that Google is “the place” to work. There have been countless articles written about the amazing company culture and structure. This video also makes you want to work at Google, possibly more than any other story, because it does a great job of sharing the interns’ stories. Who better to show off their culture?

Feel inspired? Get started on your own corporate videos. It is now easier than ever to include professionally produced corporate videos on your website!