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Live Stream Marketing and Your Integrated Marketing Plan

Live stream marketing is growing in popularity in all different areas. Sports teams can now broadcast their games across the internet, bands can reach a bigger crowd online and companies can market to their unique audiences.

Multiple social media platforms now offer users live streaming marketing capabilities too. Whether you want to use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even Twitch, there’s a platform for everyone. Due to the multi-channel accessibility lives streaming provides, businesses can reach bigger audiences than ever before.

According to Marketing Week, live stream marketing is the key to building authenticity with younger generations. Sara Carter, an experienced tech expert at Enlightened Digital, agrees. “Live stream marketing is going to be most efficient when trying to reach millennials and Generation Z,” Carter says. “With the ever-growing importance of finding ways to differentiate your brand, live stream marketing just might be a good strategy to add when trying to reach these demographics.”

4 Big Ways to Use Live Stream Marketing

Live Stream Interviews

Customers want the inside scoop that’s happening NOW. Conducting “get to know me” interviews with different employees and creators can be a great way to do that. It will give your business relatability and give prospective customers a better understanding of your company’s culture and values.

Another benefit of live streaming is that it’s able to be filmed wherever you want it to be. These interviews can take place sitting at your desk or on a set created in the meeting room. If live stream interviews are something you want to try, be sure it’s done with a professional air. Be prepared with questions to ask, act comfortable in front of the camera and know how to use the technology. Poorly done live stream marketing can become a negative reflection of your brand. If you’re unprepared, it will show. The time and preparation will pay off when audiences can tell you put effort into creating something special just for them.


Another great live stream marketing engagement idea is creating a tutorial. A how-to live stream can be a fun and interactive outreach. A how-to live stream doesn’t mean an artistic how-to necessarily, which is a common misconception. These live streams can range from how to write an eye-catching blog post to how to put together a great summer outfit. There are countless ways for any business type to get involved in this live stream tactic. How-tos are for anyone that’s creative enough to come up with a fun idea that customers will want to emulate. How-to live streams can also provide an opportunity to reach a new audience, especially if you center your project on material that’s different from what your business typically gravitates towards.

Content Collaboration

If you’re afraid that the content or employees in your live streams repetitive, don’t worry! Live streaming is a great place for content collaborations. Inviting outsiders in will give your stream a fresh set of opinions and ideas. These individuals can be creators or influencers working in your field, or even other business owners that you think could make a positive impact. Use tactics like a back and forth conversation between CEO’s, a Q&A, or a content swap with a social media influencer in your city. There are endless options when it comes to working this into your live stream marketing strategy. Working with other influencers in your field introduces them to a new audience and gives your brand access to the audience they’ve already built. Both sides win!


Want to make your clientele feel like they know the ins and outs of your business? An office tour could do just that. Having the ability to create brand loyalty is an essential step in establishing a strong business. Allowing customers to step inside the office of the CEO, for example, could make those watching feel like part of the team. These live streams can show off your company’s personality and culture. Your office’s decoration can display an identity, and identity provides something to which a customer can relate.

The Impact of Live Stream Marketing

It’s measurable. In the end, what matters is how your company and the marketing strategies you’re using are accepted. By live streaming, your brand can get immediate, quantitative feedback on both reach and engagement. Live stream marketing is convenient, free, and super hot right now!

So don’t be shy, get live! The world is ready to watch.