If you are not using video in your marketing mix, you are missing out.

Video marketing is all the rage right now for good reason.

In a recent study, 84% of people said they’ve been persuaded to buy a product or service by watching a company’s video. No wonder everyone is scrambling to add video to their marketing campaigns. So, the sooner you incorporate video into your marketing, the better for your brand.

But how do you do it?

That’s where this guide comes in. In this article, we will look at 3 types of marketing videos that can yield great results for your brand.

#1. Video blogs

A video blog, aka vlog, is a blog whose primary medium is video not the usual text-based posts. With over 5 million regular blog posts published every day, vlogs are great for standing out. They engage people better than bare text.

You can host video blogs on your own site or free third-party channels like YouTube or Vimeo.

Great For:

  • Tutorials– nothing beats video for teaching people how to do something. For instance, it’s easier and more convenient for someone to see how to use software rather than read a lengthy guide on it. So, if your niche involves teaching people how to do complex tasks, vlogs would be a great option for you.
  • Demos– want to showcase your product or service in all its glory? Then vlog it is. Remember to focus on how your audience can benefit from the product instead of just trumpeting its features. The more you show them how it solves their problems, the more engaged they become.
  • Customer testimonials– a video testimonial is the next best thing to a live case study. It proves your product’s ability to solve your prospect’s challenges. Guide the satisfied customer to address the typical pain points your prospects face by asking them intelligent questions which they answer through the video blog.

Keep your eye on:

  • Quality of equipment– in a hurry to get in on the vlogs act, it’s easy to skimp on the quality of the equipment. Invest in a good camera and microphone, otherwise your video blog will bomb.
  • Be lively and irresistible– quality equipment isn’t enough. The best equipment in the world won’t save you if you are dull and lifeless. You’ve got to wow people with your brilliance so they engage with your video.
  • Edit smart– since it’s impossible to produce a flawless video on the first try (yes, even in Hollywood), take time to edit properly. Remove all the mmms , huhs, long pauses or any other amateur-sounding kinks.

#2. Video Presentations

Video presentations combine the authenticity and immediacy of face to face human interaction with the alluring power of audio-visuals.

Importantly, they allow for direct intimate interaction between the presenter and the audience. Participants can ask questions and make comments while the presenter gets instant feedback and can clarify his message until it hits home.

Great For:

  • Sales pitches– because people buy when their emotions are awakened, emotion-dripping video presentations are your best bet to win them over. You can easily explain the complex aspects of your service or product using the dynamic duo of the spoken word and visuals.
  • Demos– demo presentations do a great job of showing how your products work appealingly. Use them to walk-through your software or unbox a brand new product and show off its positive qualities to prospects.
  • Investor pitches– to convince would-be investors to put money into your business, video presentations are your best friend. You can display projected growth and explain where the biggest need is to your potential partners.

Keep your eye on:

  • Length– with a responsive audience cheering you on, it’s easy to fall in love with your own voice and babble on. Keep your presentation short and stop while your audience is still keen rather than boring them with your prattle.
  • Slides– avoid using too many slides. Keep your slides and the info on them to a bare minimum. Just enough to make your point and no more. Too much info overwhelms your audience.
  • Script– when the excitement of being on stage hits, chances of veering off course skyrocket. To prevent this and keep your presentation focused on your marketing goal, craft a good script beforehand. Stick to your script throughout your presentation.

#3. Webinars

With a staggering viewer-to-paying customer conversion rate hovering around 20%, web seminars commonly known as webinars are every marketer’s dream.

Webinars work wonders at every stage of the funnel:

  • Generate sign ups at the top of the funnel.
  • Nurture leads in the middle of the funnel.
  • Close sales at the bottom of the funnel.

Great For:

  • List building– for someone to attend a webinar they first have to register by submitting their email address, right? That’s a huge opportunity because each time you host a webinar, you grow your list or segment the one you have according to people’s interests. Because webinars are popular, you can use them to explode your list.
  • Staff training and meetings– have you ever tried to explain something important to a new team member through writing but felt you didn’t quite nail it? Well, webinars are the answer. In our remote work-from-home or anywhere world, it’s easy to orient a new employee or hold a team meeting through a webinar.
  • Content resource: you know what? Webinars are not one off disposable events. Recorded webinar sessions are a valuable resource. You can reuse them to bolster other marketing campaigns long after the original event ended.

Keep your eye on:

  • Optimize landing page– you know what? No matter how powerful your webinar is, without attendees, it will fail. To have a jam-packed webinar optimize your invitation page. Lead with an enticing headline. Prompt prospects to register by showing them clear benefits of attending your meeting. Limit the number of fields people must fill.
  • Don’t oversell, provide value– because webinars convert so well, it’s tempting to turn the whole thing into a thinly veiled sales pitch. Resist the urge because it turns participants off. Preload your webinar with value. Sweep them off their feet by providing super-value first and then sell to them briefly.
  • Questions and interaction– don’t turn your webinar into a boring monologue because people can only concentrate for so long. Give them the opportunity to get involved through posing questions. When you allow your audience to get involved, engagement levels (and conversions) will go through the roof.

Video Marketing: An Opportunity Not To Miss

Fellow business owner, video marketing is here to stay.

Savvy brands are investing in video technology and using it to grow their companies. They see a better return on investment. Get in on the act by trying out these three types of marketing videos.

Don’t let the gravy train pass you by.