When using a video for marketing purposes, businesses seem to skip the obvious. If you’re a fan of the show, The Office, you would have seen the episode where Dunder Mifflin makes their first commercial. Reps came in to make the video and it was the one that was aired; but it was too impersonal. Michael’s video however, was spot on. When making a video for marketing purposes, try to remember these three crucial steps:

Connect with the Camera

Make the video personal. Make a connection with the camera. The best way to do that is talk into the camera as if you were talking to a person. This will grab the viewers’ attention as if you were in the same room together. To stand out, have someone from the actual business be a part of the video. This way, people will recognize you and start to build trust.

Tell Your Story

When making a video to market for your company, it’s always a good idea to tell your story. What does your business do? Why? What started it? Storytelling is a good way to evoke emotions and be memorable. Show how your product will benefit them. How it’s something they not only want, but need.

Make Your Viewers Participate

Although making a video is a huge first step, don’t forget to include your viewers and customers. Use a call to action technique. If you want customers to visit your website or blog or Twitter, ask them, directly. Ask them to share your video or subscribe to your new YouTube channel. Involve them and let them know you appreciate their time and interest.

In closing, by adhering to these 3 guidelines you can utilize videos effectively to make your business remarkable.

Let us know if you would want to discuss additional video marketing strategies that can be customized to your business and industry.