The video becomes more democratic, it also renews the “marketing content”, yet between choices of platforms, formats, dissemination media, the questions around the use of video are numerous. Three members of the CMIT (the IT Marketing and Communication Directors Club) share their advice.


King content to boost the engagement of your audiences, video requires conciseness and rhythm. The ideal duration depends of course on the media and its objectives, but the linear reading of the format has its imperatives.

The main goal is to convince the user to press the Play button to view all the content. The first few seconds are critical.

A video for social media sharing for viral sharing will rarely exceed 45 secs, bearing in mind that most of the playback will be done on mobile, without sound and vertically. You have 10secs to convince the user to view all the contents.

A product presentation or customer testimonial on YouTube or its own website will typically last 2 to 4 minutes – the average length of the Top 50 videos on YouTube is 2mins 50. The duration, title and visual are information To decide the user to launch the content.

Beyond 2mns, the audience collapses to the second level of about 12 mins (a typical format TED conference), the main challenge being to leave no time-outs.

Capturing attention in the first few seconds, keeping the pace and staying short are key factors for success – we will also focus on placing our ATKs upstream to maximize the available audience.


Adding videos to your social mix means that your audience is 10 times more likely to participate and share your post.

The most important platforms today all natively offer the video format. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, …

Each has its audience, its strengths, and weaknesses. Creating a mission statement for each platform will focus your efforts and help you produce more effective and shareable videos.


You must be able to answer the question “why people will share this video” before you start producing it.

Listen to your followers, watch the videos they share and analyze them. Let these successes inspire your approach to social video.


Even if you create a video for it to be shared, you have a major role in creating the initial buzz. Strike simultaneously on all your channels when you launch the video and consider promoting it using social media advertising.

Share content with influencers and amplify all these efforts with your employees and lawyers. Once the spread has spread, it is much easier for the campaign to grow.


Live streaming of unique content dominates most social media platforms. With the new technology and marketing tools available, at least half of the marketing specialists are considering integrating live video into their social media strategy.

The live video makes it possible to have better visibility by positioning itself on innovative supports and encourages interaction with its community.


Video marketing in B2B is likened to something rather austere, and unfortunately, it is often the reality. We marketers in B2B do not lack creativity, so the real question remains: what prevents us from braving the limits of the institutional in terms of video creation? Some will say that it is because of a too traditionalist management, or that the targeted buyer personas want videos that meet the standards. I do not believe that.

“B2B do not mean boring marketing” as Beth Comstock states. I will add to this: make your customers smile, do not just inform them. I find that the middle of the B2B tends to overestimate the informative power of a content and to undervalue the power of entertainment that can be brought to a prospect.

Develop B2B video marketing, increase the number of purely entertaining video pads, do more video newsjacking, without neglecting the creation of content with high added value! “Trust your inner customer” as Pete Blackshaw said in a recent TEDx. I do not know you, but my “inner customer” wants to learn at work, but not that. He also wants to smile, even laugh. Which videos do we share most regularly? The videos are both smart, funny and slightly provocative. And I will take as an example the advertising “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme “, which perfectly illustrates my thought.