3 Fun (and Easy!) Ideas for Holiday Video Content

Sure, Christmas is [gulp!] 10 days away, but you still have time to create and share some fun, holiday-themed video content with the folks in your audience.

That’s the good news. The better news is, you don’t need to go hire a fancy agency to create a slick, high-concept video for you. All you need is a little creativity, your smartphone, and (maybe) your computer.

1. Make a Holiday Vine

Remember Vines? Those looping 6-second video clips that are so much fun on Twitter? Six seconds is all you need (I think the one above is actually shorter) to send a fun holiday greeting to all your followers.

Pro Tip: Make sure your Vine has a strong visual component just in case folks prefer to leave it on mute.

2. Create a “My Talking Pet” Video

A special holiday message from Sophie #puglove #puglife #dogsofinstagram

A video posted by Rachel Parker (@resonancecontent) on

Come on — you knew I had to bring the dogs into this conversation somehow, right?

The My Talking Pet app ($1.99 for Android and IOS devices) lets you snap or upload a photo of your four-legged office mascot and turn it into a talking video.

It takes mere moments, and once you’re done, you can share your video straight to Facebook or save it on your phone and upload it to Instagram, Twitter, or your platform of choice.

Pro Tip: Create a series with each of your team members’ pets sharing their own holiday greetings.

3. Create a Slideshow

I’m guessing that by this point in the holiday season, you’ve amassed a few share-worthy photos of the office holiday party, decorated desks, gift exchanges, “giving back” volunteer days, etc. Why not string those pics together and create a slideshow to let your audience in on the holiday fun?

Slideshows have never been easier to create — I created this one using Photos on my Mac — and you’ll find a plethora of easy-to-use apps out there. Just find one that works with your platform, line up your photos, sync up some fun background music, and voilà: instant holiday video!

Pro Tip: It’s best to use stock music (I get mine from AudioBlocks.com) to avoid any issues with copyrighted tunes; Facebook is especially picky about those things.

Your Turn: Have you created any fun holiday videos for your audience? Share the link with us in the Comments — we’d love to see what you came up with!