What’s your No. 1 tip for brands that want to create a high volume of video without sacrificing quality?

1. Batch Your Production

Sean OgleTrying to shoot, edit and distribute multiple videos each week is really difficult. Instead of trying to create something every week, set aside one day a month (or even every other month) where you shoot all of your content. It saves a ton of time on setup, and can improve quality since your talent can get in the rhythm easier this way. – Sean Ogle, Location Rebel

2. Focus on the Story You’re Telling

12 Tips for Creating a High Volume of Top-Quality Video ContentQuality doesn’t have to mean incredible graphics or pixel perfect images. The low production value of social media video is a testament to this. YouTubes and Vines are taken with mere smartphones but the quality of the content, whether funny, interesting, or informative makes them oftentimes go viral. The quality of the story the brand is telling is more important than the actual visual quality. – Shane Snow, Contently

3. Leverage User-Generated Content Software Vipeline

12 Tips for Creating a High Volume of Top-Quality Video ContentCreating lots of high-quality video is expensive and time-consuming. However, if a brand wants to generate high-volume video and maintain quality, the best way to do so is through the use of inline user-generated content (UGC). To the best of my knowledge, the winner in the video UGC space is Microsoft-backed Vipeline. It allows you to host and capture video from users directly on your site or app. – Kristopher Jones, LSEO.com

4. Create Videos at Virtual Events

Kelsey MeyerUse a platform like Shindig to produce and record large-scale, interactive video chat events. Not only will you get the benefit of the live event, it can be recorded and edited to live on your website for future viewing. It’s much quicker and more cost-effective than the usual video production. – Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co.

5. Stick to a Core Theme

Firas KittanehCreate a series of videos that build on each other, allowing viewers to follow your brand’s journey and the overall narrative. Maintain a core theme among the videos so that you do not stray too far off-brand and compromise video quality. – Firas Kittaneh, Amerisleep

6. Outsource to Different Freelancers

Murray NewlandsHaving the same person create a high volume of video can diminish quality. But if you use different people, you can create an interesting and diverse set of video content without losing that quality that means people will engage with those videos. – Murray Newlands, Due.com

7. Plant Long-Term Social Media Seeds

matt doyleI’m fortunate to be in a business where customers seem to enjoy posting videos of our work, and we’re trying to increase the amount that do by encouraging them (lightly) to post tagged videos on social media during and after the sale. Don’t ask for a favor. Instead, offer to promote the video on your social media pages or give them a discount when they tag you. – Matt Doyle, Excel Builders

8. Look Within Your Network

Robert LeeWith the accessibility of high-quality video tools such as used SLR’s or even an iPhone (iPhone 6s record in 4k), combined with the availability of stock footage, the barriers to entry for high-quality video production have been lifted. Tapping into your network for video creation enthusiasts or opting for a freelancer can provide your brand with a cheap source of high-quality video. – Robert Lee, Circa Interactive Inc

9. Plan and Recycle

Angela RuthIf you want to produce a high volume of videos, it’s important to plan out the subjects and theme for each one in advance. Then see how various aspects of video content can be repurposed and used for future ones so that you focus on quality messages and find ways to use great visuals over and over to emphasize your themes. – Angela Ruth, Due

10. Keep Content Short and Sweet

Chris SavageAssume your viewers are busy and that they’d prefer shorter pieces of content. We found that engagement drops significantly when videos pass the 2-minute mark, making your content more bite-sized means you’ll actually be creating more engaging videos at a higher volume. Awesome video content doesn’t have to be super long or professional. Short and sweet is a safe strategy. – Chris Savage, Wistia

11. Dedicate a Space in Your Office to Recording

Nick AkeyCreate a dedicated video space in your office, with lighting, a backdrop, and marks for camera and subject. That way, shooting a video is as easy as going to your video space, turning on the lights, and hitting record. This doesn’t have to take up too much room either. I’ve seen video spaces in closets, corners of conference rooms, and kitchens. – Nick Akey, MakerSquare

12. Standardize the Process

Diego OrjuelaWe are currently creating over 100 product videos at this moment and have built four main product templates. These are master templates that have high-level voiceovers to fit all products. Then, we add photos and text that can be easily swapped out for each unique product. This allows us to spend most of our time creating the template, and using lower-cost talent to duplicate the efforts. -Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors, LLC