What is one thing all explainer videos should include?

1. Branding

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerThere are actually two mistakes that many businesses make in videos. The first is not telling a story. Your video needs to tell a little story that is easy to remember and simple for viewers to follow. Second, brand your videos with a logo that viewers will remember. As they watch, they get a dose of your branding so they remember your name when they need your services. – Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

2. Customer Support Information

12 Things All Explainer Videos Should IncludeExplainer videos are great, but you shouldn’t assume they’ll answer every single question a customer will have. It’s always important as a business to show that you’re listening to customers and willing to take the time to help and answer questions. At the end of yourexplainer videos, be sure to give clear ways for your customers to contact the support team for further help. – Ross CohenBeenVerified

3. A Full Explanation

12 Things All Explainer Videos Should IncludeToo many instructional videos pick up in the middle of a task, leaving the viewer confused. Always start with the path you’re taking to arrive at the task, and if the video is too long, it’s best to separate it into a couple of shorter videos detailing each step of the process. – Kelly AzevedoShe’s Got Systems

4. An Executive Summary

10 Ways Businesses Should Be Rethinking Their Social Media StrategiesThere should be a greeting at the beginning of every video that simply states what the video is going to cover. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched videos where by minute five, I still don’t know exactly what the video is about. I need a thesis statement at the beginning that communicates what I’m going to learn so I can navigate efficiently from there. – Rob FultonAudioLumin™

5. Important Sections Highlighted

Alex MillerIt’s so much more convenient for viewers to be able to see what is mentioned in the video and at what specific times. This is especially true when you come back to the same video in the future. If, for example, I’m able to get the answer to the question I need at two minutes and 14 seconds, I can instantly skip to that section and it saves a lot of time and frustration. –Alex Miller, PosiRank LLC

6. A Story

Marcela DeVivoExplainer videos should tell the story of your customer, not your company. The videos should always talk about your customer’s pain points and examples of why your product will improve their quality of life. Every video should have an animated company logo and a call to action. But that is secondary to the real objective of creating a connection and generating a desired call to action. – Marcela DeVivoNational Debt Relief

7. A Summary of What You Do

Jayna CookeThe video needs to explain what your company does and how you are going to help the customer. The customer’s principle reason for watching your video is to find out how it is going to benefit them. The message should be clear and concise. –Jayna CookeEVENTup

8. Contact Information

Wei-Shin LaiIn case your video doesn’t quite answer the question, it’s important to let the viewer know how to get in touch with you. It’s important to include contact information, including phone number, email address and URL, especially for the people who stumble upon your publicvideo. – Wei-Shin LaiAcousticSheep LLC

9. Humor

15 Strategies to Attract Customers on Your B2B Company WebsitePeople respond well to narratives. It’s why mnemonics helps medical students remember all the bones in the body. If you put a little bit of lightheartedness into your explainer videos, people will have a better — and more hilarious — understanding of the ‘whys,’ instead of trying to understand on their own why you’ve made certain decisions. A sense of humor helps people relate and get comfortable with you. – Cody McLainSupportNinja

10. A Simple Script

Simon CasutoThe desire to make an elaborate, visually impressive explainer video is natural, but make sure that the script gets right to the point. Presentation matters, but the words are what your potential customers care about. Tell them what they need to know quickly, without a lot of fuss. – Simon CasutoeLearning Mind

11. SEO Research

12 Things All Explainer Videos Should IncludeIf your target audience can’t find your video organically, you (and they) are missing out. The best videos are worth nothing if people can’t see and discover them. – Sam SaxtonSalter Spiral Stair and Mylen Stairs

12. Empathy

12 Things All Explainer Videos Should IncludeThe best explainer video will show that you understand your audience. Commiserate about a common pain point. Connect emotionally by telling a story or using humor. The most important thing is to make your viewer feel something, so be vulnerable and transparent and your message will resonate. – Matt HuncklerVerge