Less than a month ago, Dutch college student Joanna Palani told the magazine Politiken that she was dropping out of college to go to Syria and fight ISIS.  A woman of Kurdish descent, she has lived in Denmark since the age of 3 but told the magazine  “I love Denmark.  If Denmark should ever be attacked I’m going to go in the front line with a Danish flag around my shoulders.  But I’ve a Kurdish family and right now it is the Kurds who are attacked by brainwashed Islamists.”

The newly arrived soldier posted a message on her Facebook page to update her latest activities:

“Good night for today and we meet again at the front line tomorrow early.  Sh*t, IS (Islamic State) got it back hard today despite I (injured) my foot … anyways goodnight!”

After posting on her Facebook page she uploaded a photo showing her slyly smiling, wearing a bulletproof vest and holding a large caliber automatic weapon.

Palani became the latest in a group of Westerners who are volunteering to go to the front lines to fight Islamic State head on in Kobane, Syria where she is likely to have joined up with the YPJ, the all women division of the YPG (Peoples Protection Unit).  The YPG alongside the Iraqi Peshmerga are credited with forcing hundreds of ISIS terrorists to flee the center of the city after their brutal siege where many women and children were slaughtered or captured, beheaded or sold.

In a picture posted today on Twitter,  new soldiers from Germany and Holland joined the fight.

More soldiers appear on Twitter daily under the hashtags  and .

German bikers Median Empire Motorcycle Club which has strong Kurdish ties also has sent member, equipment and aid to fight ISIS along with Dutch bikers No Surrender who also travelled to fight alongside Kurdish troops.

“It’s our families, it’s our brothers and sisters,” said Median Empire’s Sergeant at Arms, (aka Fat Joe), a German of Kurdish descent. “We’re here in a better place so we try to give them a better situation, because we know the feelings, what they’re feeling right now.”

The  campaign has personalized the world support for the Kurdish community in their life and death struggle against the Islamic State.  Warriors, patriots, citizens and children show that, together, we will defeat evil.  And, if necessary, there are those willing to give their lives for the cause of freedom.

“The Kurds are fighting for democracy and Western values.” Joanna Palani stated. “If I get captured or killed, I will be proud of why I was killed. If I was afraid of the consequences of going down there, I would not consider it.” she added.