The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is sharing a video of their giant panda cub, Bao Bao, playing in the snow for the first time, and it’s too adorable to be missed. Bao Bao tumbles down a snowy hill in her enclosure, giving herself an extra push-off when she comes to a stop. She pauses to play with sticks on the hill, and romps and pounces on her mama panda.

Watch the full video below.

While giant panda cubs are rather rare, and the species is protected, Bao Bao is the second surviving cub of her parents, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. Bao Bao, who was born in August 2013, has begun the separation process from her mother. Mei Xiang started to wean her cub in November, and Bao Bao is eating more solid food and needing to nurse less often. The two also sleep separately more frequently, reflecting the solitary nature of giant pandas, who, according to the Smithsonian, barely tolerate the presence of other pandas in the wild.

Though the Smithsonian indicates that the separation process between Bao Bao and Mei Xiang is well underway, their pleasure in each other’s company in the short clip the zoo released is evident. Bao Bao’s growth toward independence just makes the sweet family play even more precious. Of course, snow is a special occasion, and it’s clear that the giant panda cub and her mother are both enjoying the weather!

The pandas spent most of Tuesday morning outside in the snow, rolling, playing, climbing trees, and enjoying the cold, soft blanket padding the ground in their enclosure.

If you enjoyed watching the pandas play in the snow, the Smithsonian also has two live camera feeds that allow a peek at Bao Bao’s daily life. You can also follow the giant panda cub’s growth and development, as well as finding information on the zoo’s breeding program, on the Panda Blog.