Texas twins born in different years celebrate their first birthday. Hannah Reed was born at 11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Eve in 2013. Less than a minute later, her twin sister Danielle was delivered just seconds into 2014.

According to the girls’ mother, Victoria Reed, the two are given separate celebrations with the older twin given a late night birthday dinner and the younger getting her celebration the next day.

Despite being identical in appearance, Victoria insists the two have very distinct personalities. Hannah is more reserved and quiet, while Danielle is more outgoing and has loads of energy that prompts her to skittle about all day long. Both, however, love to clap and play and are also very fond of music.


While twins being born on different days aren’t uncommon, it’s certainly a rarity to hear twins being born in different years. Hannah and Danielle Reed’s instance isn’t completely unique, though. Twins Sophia and Gabriela Rodriguez share the same amazing story as the Reed sisters and were also born last year with one arriving in the closing minutes of 2013 and the second arriving at the dawn of 2014.

The mother, Lindsay Salgueiro, said that she tried her best to keep both twins in the womb until midnight so they could both be New Year’s babies but that she wasn’t able to hold out any longer.

There is also the tale of twins John and Pieter Oly, 54. John was born late into the night of 1959, while his brother was delivered in the early hours of 1960. Not only were the twin brothers born in different years but also in different decades.

Twins being born at New Years is in itself pretty miraculous; Twins being born in different years, on the other hand, is almost out of this world and newsworthy material. These twins will forever have a story that they can tell at social gatherings that will have everyone’s jaw drop in amazement.

[photo credit: Ruth L]