Slain NYPD Officer Ramos' Funeral: Thousands Attend

Slain NYPD Officer Ramos’ funeral on Saturday morning had thousands of uniformed officers in attendance. Ramos was one of the two officers who was shot and killed last weekend.

Vice President Joe Biden and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio were expected to speak at the funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos, 40. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton also attended.

The funeral was held at Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens. Thousands of officers from around the country lined the road to the church. One officer held a sign reading, “God Bless the NYPD, Dump DeBlasio.”

Thousands also attended a wake for Ramos on Friday. Justin, Ramos’ older son, spoke at the service. The college sophomore described his father as “a man of character. He was a selfless man.”

The funeral started at 10 a.m. at the church where Ramos was a member for 14 years. The pastor of the church, Rev. Rafael Castillo, said Ramos had great faith and his death was a loss for the church.

NYPD Capt. Sergio Centa said Ramos studied to become a pastor before he became a police officer.

So many officers are attending slain NYPD Officer Ramos’ funeral to show solidarity during a time of heightened police and community tensions. Los Angeles police detective told ABC News, “If something happens to one, it happens to all of us and that’s why we’re here.”

The other officer who was gunned down last Saturday was Officer Wenjian Liu, 32. The two officers were sitting in their parked car in Brooklyn when Ismaaiyl Brinsley opened fire. Brinsley’s dead body was later found in a subway station after he shot himself.

Brinsley said on social media that he intended to shoot the officers due to inspiration from the protests opposing grand jury decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. Leaders of the social movement #BlackLivesMatter condemned Brinsley’s actions.

As thousands attend NYPD Officer Ramos’ funeral a week after he was shot, Officer Liu’s services are being delayed. Members of his family are making plans to travel from their home in China.

[Photo Credit: Red Carlisle]