Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued a challenge to Al Sharpton, daring him to undergo a police simulation training course. Arpaio took to the airwaves during a segment with radio station KSAZ and had the following words for the man often regarded as the country’s most notorious race hustler:

“Let’s come on down here. I think you’re the prime guy that ought to go through this and learn a lesson,”

The challenge comes off the heels of Rev. Jarrett Maupin, a Ferguson protester who was formerly critical of law enforcement after the Michael Brown shooting but agreed to take a police simulation course. During his performance, Maupin “shot” an unarmed suspect. Afterwards, he changed his view and emphasized that most confrontations with police can be avoided if people just obey law enforcement orders.

Critics of the Black Lives Matter movement point to the Maupin case as reason why protesters should put themselves in the shoes of a police officer before being so quick to condemn them. However, activists have criticized Maupin’s case as a conservative propaganda tool and cited numerous discrepancies with the simulation training. Some have pointed out that it is unfair to put an untrained citizen through the course. Others have also pointed out that options to call for backup or access to non-lethal weaponry are not available in the simulation.

While Al Sharpton has not responded to Joe Arpaio’s challenge, a spokesman for the former has issued the following:

“Despite differences with the sheriff on immigration, he’s for any effort to try to reach an understanding on proper policing.”

The spokesman has also said that Sharpton and his representatives will carefully review the Maupin case before agreeing to undergo any type of simulation training.

Joe Arpaio and Al Sharpton have previously met back in 2010 when the immigration rallies were at its peak. The sheriff and civil rights activist took opposing stances, which led to locked horns. Clearly, there is no love lost between the two men.

[photo credit: uusc4all]