Ohio Airport: Police Fatally Shoot Man

In an Ohio airport, police fatally shot a man after a confrontation on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened at the Port Columbus International Airport around 1 p.m. Airport police were called to respond to a “disturbance” on the departure level of the north terminal.

David Whitaker, vice president of communications for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, claimed the man causing the disturbance confronted the police officers and posed a threat to them before he was shot.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that a witness saw the man making gestures toward his waistband when he advanced toward two officers. A third officer shot him, possibly thinking the gesture meant the man had possession of a weapon.

The Dispatch also said that most people in the terminal were unaware that the shooting even happened.

Whitaker said initially the authorities were unsure of why the man was there and for how long he had been there. He appeared to be alone, but a bomb squad was called to search his vehicle for safety procedures.

Investigators later released the information that the man tried to buy a plane ticket using fake identification before the encounter.

During the encounter at the Ohio airport, though the police shot the man, he did not exchange any rounds. Authorities were unsure if he was armed at first, but later found knives on his person. No police officers were hurt during the incident.

Authorities have yet to release more details about the confrontation. Particularly, the names of the man and the police officer who shot and killed him have not been released yet.

The drop-off area where the incident occurred remained closed for the rest of Wednesday afternoon. Travelers were ushered to lower-level terminals.

Flights continued operating and delays were minimal at the Ohio airport where police fatally shot a man.

[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Thomsen]