It goes without saying that the cleanup for the New York Times Square after the midnight celebration is not a one-man job. After the countdown, the dropping of the ball, and the celebrity performances, it’s time for the cleanup crew to do what they’re paid for, and you can bet that they’re going to come home smelling like garbage.

Those in attendance and the viewers at home only see the festivities, but they never see what comes after. After the partiers leave, the cleaning team only has a few hours to get the city looking like normal again and ready for daily traffic.

The New York Times Square cleanup crew is made up of 170 workers. 26 mechanical sweepers are also deployed along with 38 leaf blowers. The trash and confetti – all 50 plus tons of it – have to be swept up and removed by 7:00 a.m. Last year’s New Year celebration was attended by over one million people, and they left in their wake roughly 52.3 tons of debris.

This year’s celebration was hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Musical talents like Taylor Swift, Magic!, and Florida Georgia Line kept the crowd on its feet.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family were given the honors of pushing the button that began the countdown that brought 2014 to a close and welcomed 2015. The New Year was introduced with Frank Sinatra’s New York New York blaring over loud speakers.

With the party in full effect, NYPD was on full guard with law enforcement officers patrolling on foot and on rooftops. Police helicopters also loomed over the sky to ensure the safety of the crowd. Protesters were also nearby, with a small crowd gathered near Union Square and later making their way towards Times Square. They remained on the sidewalk, and their presence did not appear to phase those who came for the celebrations.

As for the New York Times Square cleanup, the crew did a mighty fine job. By dawn, the streets were back to business as usual.

[photo credit: Lars Jussaume]