Naked burglar arrested
Photo: Keizer Police Department

A naked man was arrested Sunday near Salem, Oregon after making himself a little too at home- in someone else’s home. The burglar, a 24-year-old man named Guillermo Brambila Lopez, was ushered away au naturel after police found him hiding in the second of two Keizer home’s he had just broken into. Unfortunately for Lopez, his clothing was still in the first home at the time of his arrest.

Police say it was a house-sitter who was staying in one of the homes who phoned in the crime, after being awoken by sounds coming from the laundry room. As the house-sitter approached the laundry room to investigate, she was startled to hear its door slammed shut by the burglar in the buff. Having seen one to many horror movies to take any chances, the house-sitter promptly armed herself with a knife and called 911.

Unfortunately for Lopez, the fun took a down-hill turn around that point, as law enforcement arrived promptly to take him into custody. Investigators soon discovered that the burglar had gained access to both homes by employing the master stealth method of removing their window screens.

Once inside one of the homes, police found, Lopez had treated himself not only to the owner’s alcoholic beverage collection but also to his hot tub. It was apparently right after the point of finding himself drunk in a stranger’s hot tub, in fact, that inspiration once more struck the burglar and soon after led him to enjoy a nice, hot shower in the homeowner’s master bedroom.

After being led away in humiliation by police, draped in no more than a yellow sheet which in no way brought out his eyes, Lopez’s night of disrobed indulgence came to an end. He was booked and charged with burglary and criminal mischief with a bail set at $82,500.