Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is frustrated with the Ferguson coverage and the mainstream media bias. In his Dec. 1 segment, the Ex-GOP congressman made it known on air what his true feelings are regarding the whole issue surrounding Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson.

Apparently, news of the St. Louis Rams putting their hands up to show their support for the demonstrators was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Scarborough. He said that he simply can’t take it anymore and called the outrage and media sensation “BS.”

Scarborough stated for the record that he believed there is systematic discrimination going on in the police department, but that Michael Brown is hardly the poster child of an innocent child gunned down by a trigger-happy law enforcement officer. Joe Scarborough pointed to the Ferguson convenience store that Brown had robbed just minutes before the fateful encounter with Darren Wilson.

He further pointed to the many people in the black community that are worthy of being bright role models. Yet, the community chooses to give the martyr status to a teen who committed strong-armed robbery. The fact that the black community is burning down business within their own city because of the perceived unjust death of Brown is what really has Scarborough ticked.

The host also mentioned that many of his guests have agreed with his stance in secret when the camera and mic are off. However, these same guests lacked the courage to be open about their views due to fears of being labelled a racist by the racial grievance industry.

Despite being a former Republican congressman, it is somewhat of a surprise that Joe Scarborough’s opinion about Ferguson would stray from the views of his network. It is no secret that MSNBC is a far left and progressive news organization. It even has Al Sharpton on its payroll roster. Sharpton is known by his critics as the nation’s leading race hustler who makes his living creating needless hype and outrage around incidents like those regarding Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

[photo credit: US Department of Labor]