Former rivals Megyn Kelly and Piers Morgan appeared on the latter’s Kelly File for an interview discussing their past rivalry and the Ferguson unrest. The segment began with Morgan congratulating Kelly on her show triumphing over his CNN’s Piers Morgan Live in demographic ratings. Morgan’s show began in 2011 and ended in early 2014 after suffering from consecutive months of subpar ratings. He conceded to Kelly that her show won the audience over while his did not.

The conversation then shifted to the protests going on in Ferguson. The protesters were given the title of People of the Year by Time Magazine a few weeks earlier, and Morgan actually played a hand in making that happen. When asked why he would nominate a group that has at times resorted to violence, Morgan responded by saying that a distinction can be made between the peaceful protesters and the looters. He praised the demonstrators for their willingness to challenge a system that they deem is unjust.

Piers Morgan also talks to Megyn Kelly about Eric Garner and reiterates that it is unacceptable for police to choke a man to death and not be put before a trial. Kelly then lightheartedly pointed out that his lecturing of America will not sit well with most Americans considering his immense unpopularity in the country. Morgan gained notoriety for his strong anti-gun stance and antagonizing behavior towards firearm advocates on his show particularly during the aftermath of the Sandhook elementary school shooting back in December 2012.

Megyn Kelly and Piers Morgan’s respective shows at one time appeared on the same time slot, prompting Morgan to egg Kelly on via Twitter where he told her to “bring it.” It looks like Kelly did bring it, and the two appear side-by-side for the first time where Morgan was gracious in defeat while Kelly gloated and jokingly referred to her former rival as a “gracious loser.”

[photo credit: Pete Riches]

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