Students are finishing their final exams and are getting ready to flock to the Jersey Shore. But, a great white shark also likes the Jersey Shore.

On Thursday morning a 3,500-pound great white shark was tracked 10 miles from the Wildwood coast. This shark even has a name. Her name is Mary Lee. She’s being tracked by OCEARCH, a nonprofit that researches sharks. OCEARCH allows you to track predators from around the world.

Earlier this week the shark was near Maryland And Virginia and has been traveling the East Coast. Mary Lee is quickly approaching traveling 20,000 miles in the Atlantic Ocean since 2012. After many news stories about her, her fame will not cease to end. This shark even has its own Twitter account with over 14,000 followers. OCEARCH tagged Mary Lee three years ago back in Cape Cod and is capable of locating the shark each time its dorsal fin surfaces or “pings”.

Three great whites were seen in New Jersey and New York water last summer. In addition, a study suggested the number of great whites on the East Coast is rising. Seeing great whites at the Jersey Shore is not something rare. According to Dan Skeldon a press meteorologist for the Press of Atlantic, great whites prefer water temperatures from 54-75 degrees.

The following was released by NBC New York:

In the last month, the big fish has experienced quite the adventure along the East Coast. The great white was tracked about 20 miles off Assateague Island along the Delmarva Peninsula earlier this week. Mary Lee also pinged near North and South Carolina and paid a visit to Ocean City, Maryland last month. While experts don’t know the exact cause of what’s keeping Mary Lee in the area, they believe it may be related to food.

It’s very unique that Mary Lee is so famous for her appearance in the water and even having her own Twitter handle. I’m sure we will be hearing more about this great white in the up and coming weeks as summer rolls around.

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