A man has been arrested in connection with the brutal Griffith Park attack that left the victim in intensive care. The patient remains in ICU at Cedars-Sanai Meidcal Center.

According to a report in the LA Times, “The suspect — who police did not immediately identify — was arrested about 7:30 p.m. Monday by officers in the LAPD’s Hollywood division.” Officers in the area saw a person who matches the description of the assailant hiking in the area earlier in the day.

The victim was found by hikers on the afternoon of the attack and called 911 to report that the victim’s face was bloody. Los Angeles Fire Department member Jared Cooper reported that the victim was in his mid-30s and “had life-threatening injuries.”

LAPD Sergeant Wayne Guillary told a local LA news channel that “they believe this attack may have come out of an argument that escalated.” Officer Jane Kim of the LAPD said the attack is being investigated as assault with a deadly weapon, but there has been no indication as to what sort of weapon was used in the assault.

According to the L.A. Times report, “In May, two women reported being attacked in separate incidents at the popular hiking destination. One woman was hospitalized in an attempted robbery that turned into a physical altercation. Another woman, who fought off an attempted sexual assault, was not injured.”

If the man arrested in connection with the Griffith Park attack is guilty, he could be convicted of attempted murder based on the injuries the victim sustained in the assault.

[photo credit: Echo_29]