Vice President Joe Biden’s Delaware home was the center of a drive-by-shooting on the night of Jan. 17. The Secret Service confirmed that multiple shots were fired from a vehicle which then quickly sped away. Biden and his wife Jill were not home at the time.

While law enforcement was at the scene investigating, a man was detained after being seen scouring near the property premise. He was later arrested for resisting arrest. The individual has not been identified and it is not clear at this time whether he is connected to the shooting.

It is also unclear at this point if any of the shots actually hit the residence, which is situated several hundred yards from the road where the shots were fired. Several nearby homes are also being looked at to determine if those properties were hit.

Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback confirmed that the drive-by-shooting near Joe Biden’s home occurred around 8:25 p.m. on a public road and that there are no reports of injuries. Several Secret Service personnel also heard gunshots and saw a vehicle quickly accelerating and fleeing the scene.

It has also been confirmed that a separate shooting has occurred at around the same time in the area of Hoopes Reservoir, located not far from the Biden homestead. It is too soon to know whether the two shooting are connected.

According to reports, both Biden and President Obama have been briefed about the incident. Multiple sports utility and motorcade vehicles have also arrived at the Biden residence for further investigations.

A drive-by-shooting at Joe Biden’s home certainly presents a security concern. It has been reported that the VP and his wife often spend the weekends at their residence. Investigations are ongoing and Secret Service is reportedly collaborating with New Castle County police. FBI’s Baltimore division has also entered the investigation.

[photo credit: Kyle Tsui]