The Flood Christian Church in Ferguson, Missouri, was burned to the ground during the looting and rioting that joined protests in the aftermath of Darren Wilson’s Grand Jury return. After the decision returned not to indict, massive amounts of damage were done in the St. Louis suburb, and along with businesses, the Flood Christian Church was burned to the ground.

The Flood Church was Michael Brown’s church, and Pastor Carlton Lee says he doesn’t believe the fire was set by protesters. According to Raw Story, the pastor feels KKK is a more likely suspect. The KKK has burned black churches before, he says, and the white supremacist group has warred with protesting factions throughout the past weeks.

In fact, the KKK was under attack by Anonymous at that time, for threats to protesters.

Anonymous also reported having evidence that Darren Wilson was tied to the KKK, but didn’t release that information, saying that it would endanger the person who supplied it.

Whoever the arsonist(s) may be, the Flood Christian Church is asking for donations to rebuild.

In the meantime, they’re going forward with services. On the Church’s Facebook page, there stands an explanation.

On behalf of the Flood Christian Church and Pastor Carlton Lee we would like to thank everyone for all the prayers and encouraging words given to us during this hard time. We would also like to take this time out to invite you to worship with us this Sunday on the parking lot of the Flood located at [address redacted]. With everything going on in the world around us it’s not time for us to leave the community it’s time for us to stand strong.

Sunday night, they’re holding a musical benefit at another area church, Rhema Church. Proceeds will help to rebuild the church.

The Flood Christian Church’s arson attack may have taken the building and its contents, but a church is far more than a building, and it still stands.

[Image: Flood Christian Church]