Couple Weds On Southwest Airlines

Keith Stewart and Dottie Coven tied the knot on Sunday onboard a nonstop flight, marking the first Southwest wedding to happen.

Their flight went from Nashville to Dallas Love Field, the airport known for love. Not only was it the first wedding for Southwest, the flight was the first nonstop between these two airports for the airline.

Stewart and Coven chose to seal the commitment of their love in the sky because both their jobs require frequent travel. The couple spends five days of the week traveling.

Southwest is known for exuberant and outgoing flight attendants and encouraging customers to feel comfortable. This comfort has included multiple wedding proposals in the past. However, Stewart and Coven’s wedding is the first time the airline has been involved in planning a wedding on a plane from departure to arrival.

According to CNN, 30 friends and family boarded plane 4058 in Nashville for the Southwest wedding. About 100 other passengers, with no knowledge of the wedding before boarding, joined them.

The celebration wasn’t completely unlike other weddings. The place was decorated for the ceremony and a band even played.

A few differences did stand out for Stewart and Coven’s wedding. Besides walking down the aisle, the flower girl had an extra job of handing out peanuts at the start of the wedding. Instead of a priest or a minister standing in a hall, the officiant of the ceremony used the plane’s loudspeaker.

The funniest difference might be what the officiant said for the “Speak now or forever hold your peace” part. “If anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together let them push their flight attendant call button now or forever hold your peace.”

If you want to see the celebration for yourself, definitely heck out USA Today’s video and coverage of the Southwest wedding below.