Louise Troh, the fiancée of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die in America of ebola, has inked a book deal with Weinstein Books. Troh was set to marry the Liberian-born Duncan, who succumbed to the virus. He passed away on October 8.

According to the New York Post, Troh’s contract to write the memoir “was inked just one day after the hospital where her husband-to-be was treated struck a deal with his family” that would financially take care of Duncan’s parents and four children.

“I am writing this book to tell people about Eric, about our love story, about our family and about my faith that has been tested but not broken,” Troh said.

Troh, who agreed to write the book about her fiancée and his untimely death from the ebola virus, said their journey from Liberia to America was a true love story. “The love of my life and the father of my son came to America to marry me,” she said. “But before we could make our new family, he died a terrible death in a quarantined room.”

Duncan had been visiting family in Dallas when he became the first patient diagnosed in the United States. While he was being treated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, two healthcare workers were infected. Twenty-six-year-old nurse Nina Pham and 29-year-old nurse Amber Vinson both cared for Duncan at the hospital. Both nurses have since been cured.

“This is a heartbreaking, emotional family story,” said Harvey Weinstein, who runs the Weinstein Books operation along with his brother Bob that will publish Troh’s novel. “Spanning continents and decades, Louise shows faith and grace through it all.”

Reportedly Duncan was working as a personal driver for the general manager of Safeway Cargo in Liberia when he unexpectedly quit in early September. To date, Liberia has been the hardest hit by the epidemic.

Troh will write about the death of her fiancée from the ebola virus in what is still an untitled tome.

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