“Riot” would not be a term that would accurately depict what occurred Monday evening in Ferguson, Missouri and what is being planned for other locations around the United States.

That might indicate that those involved were acting without control or restraint due to some unforeseen event. Or that there was no organized plan in effect.

Anyone who saw the overhead footage of the dozens and dozens of men break from the group assembled outside the Ferguson Police Station almost seconds after the Grand Jury announcement and sprint in the same organized direction like someone had just announced a land rush in the Old West knows something was planned regardless of the verdict.

After St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch spent more than a half an hour explaining the detailed process of how the jury had found no credible evidence that warranted an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, the assembled crowd seemed to pause.

A few moments passed and then several individuals shouted, bringing the cameras racing to catch the reaction.

That’s when individuals broke from the pack.

Current President Barack Obama soon appeared on national television in order to show a calm demeanor and repeat what Prosecuting Attorney McCulloch just went to great lengths to explain.

But in an ironic twist, Obama then proceeded to apparently justify what was happening on the other side of a split screen presentation showing agitators destroying property, looting and running wild in the streets. He said anger over the decision not to indict Officer Wilson was an “understandable reaction.” and “There is inevitably going to be some negative reaction, and it’ll make for good TV.”

More like horrifying news for those affected by the destruction and violence. Specifically to the first person killed during the crime spree, DeAndre Joshua.


The liberal media has been falling all over itself to downplay the actual events of the evening and concentrate more on a perceived injustice to poor communities that there was no satisfaction by an indictment.

The Daily Kos, a liberal, pro-Ferguson protester publication did try to explain the actions of the agitators on Tuesday in an article titled “Why do they burn down their own neighborhood?”

“Yes, I know that it is probably only a few hundred mostly young black men who are making their way from store to store to pillage and burn, while 20,000 other black residents if Ferguson are protesting peacefully, or are at home, not destroying local stores. They may be at home, but trust me, there’s real satisfaction being felt across the entire community at this hitting back that’s going on. It’s widely seen as something well deserved and a long time in coming.”

Just in time, Master Race-Baiter, the reverend Al Sharpton arrived in Ferguson on Tuesday to appear with attorney Benjamin Crump who is currently in charge of the Brown family’s potential civil litigation.

With regard to Prosecuting Attorney McCulloch’s detailed explanation into the evidence that determined the Grand Jury’s decision, Sharpton said:

“Why the one that did the killing is not going to trial, but the victim is guilty of several things that no one has established? Then to go further than that, he [McCulloch] takes his time to methodically discredit the witness, witnesses that will still be needed going forward in the ongoing federal proceedings.”

Sharpton plans to continue his tour with stops in numerous cities and cash in with a 25 city protest.