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Darren Wilson Will Receive No Severance Package, Mayor Says

Ferguson’s Mayor is reassuring anyone who worried about Darren Wilson’s severance package that there will be none. The announcement comes shortly after the officer’s resignation, which Wilson says was submitted for the protection of his fellow officers.

KRNV reports that Mayor James Knowles said in a statement Sunday afternoon that the officer and the city have completely severed all ties and that Wilson will not receive additional pay or other benefits.

Many have been disturbed by the officer’s apparent financial situation: despite spending the last several months on paid leave, he received donations from people across the country, and t-shirts expressing support were sold for him, with the totals rising above $1 million, by some accounts.

The Atlanta Black Star, for one, says that Wilson made a tidy profit off of killing Michael Brown, ending with over a million dollars in the bank.

That being the case, it seems Darren Wilson’s severance, or lack thereof, should be a non-issue. However, Wilson’s costs related to the case are not over.

Michael Brown’s parents have spoken of a lawsuit against Wilson, and against the city. According to Newsweek, a wrongful death lawsuit is perhaps the easiest chance for Brown’s family to take any action against the officer. It’s possible that a suit could result in a quick settlement.

The Root also notes that the Justice Department could pursue a separate case against Wilson, charging him with a civil rights violation.

It’s true that the Grand Jury failed to indict Wilson, but he is likely not yet through with the events that sprang from his shooting of Michael Brown in August.

Yes, he had large amounts of money donated to and raised for him, but there’s a fair chance those funds will still end up being applied to legal defense costs. It’s unlikely he’s going to have the opportunity to jump into the millionaire life.

So, Darren Wilson’s severance package being withheld might mean that the ex-officer finds himself looking for work sooner rather than later.

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