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Black Friday sales reached a little over $5 billion but Cyber Monday officially became the biggest online sales day in the U.S. this year as purchases reached $6.59 billion.

And shoppers have post-Cyber Monday sales they can still get.

Adobe, which analyzes 80 percent of online transactions to the 100 biggest online retailers in the United States, reported that Cyber Monday sales surpassed total revenue earned on Cyber Monday last year by nearly 17 percent.

That percentage is almost the same as that of Black Friday online sales. Online sales on Black Friday rose close to 18 percent compared to transactions on that day last year.

Mobile Purchases Dominate Cyber Monday Sales

Mobile sales dominated Cyber Monday purchases, reaching $1.1 billion, Adobe also said.

Adobe said Cyber Monday’s top sellers were Google Chromecast, Apple iPads, Samsung Tablets, Apple AirPods, and Sony Playstation VR. Mobile purchases jumped 12 percent, Adobe added.

The Verge said Shopify has reported that mobile also prevailed over desktop “for the first time for the company’s merchants.”

Business Insider, for its part, said part of the reason why there were more mobile purchases than desktops is “because of the ease provided by retailer apps and mobile wallet services so that it was easier to shop on a mobile device.”

Mashable, however, pointed out that while mobile sales surpassed that of desktop long ago, “desktop still reigns supreme in terms of total purchases.”

Adobe revealed that as of the first half of Monday, shoppers had already spent $3.4 billion and sales were on track to meet Adobe’s forecast of $6.6 billion as of 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

What’s Next?

Cyber Monday sales have broken records – making it the biggest online sales day in the U.S this year, according to reports.