A Northern California man has been confirmed dead after barricading himself in his Auburn, California area home this morning for over seven hours and exchanging gunfire with police. The man, whose name has not yet been released, prompted neighbors to call the authorities around 10:30 am after opening fire from the second story of his Kemper Oaks area home. The shooter is said to have fired off 100’s rounds after refusing to talk to police or exit his home, even after it caught fire several hours after the standoff began.

Police have not yet been able to identify the cause of the fire or the man’s motives, but have described the suspect as a male in his 50’s. Lt. John Poretti of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that law enforcement evacuated and locked down the area surrounding the barricaded shooter’s home as they attempted to draw him out. He later revealed that the suspect refused to speak with police throughout the shootout, eventually forcing them to return fire. Over the course of the standoff, Police also attempted to draw the man out with tear gas and to track him with heat sensing technology on board a helicopter.

Police say that, at one point during the standoff, the shooter’s girlfriend ran from the home after the shooter sprayed her in the face with bear mace. Though her identity has not yet been released, officials say that she is cooperating fully in their investigation.

The incident finally drew to a close around 4:10 pm on Sunday afternoon when Police were able to confirm that the shooter had been killed by a gunshot wound. Neighbors where relieved to hear that the fire department, who had arrived hours earlier, would finally be allowed close enough to the shooter’s home to begin putting out the fire that had been blazing from the suspect’s home for several hours.