Bomb scare cause by dog chewing remote

When members of a bomb squad, police, and fire department arrived at a Northeast Portland home on Jan. 8 they expected the worst, due to a report that an incendiary device had been thrown inside. They left however, with a grin on their faces when the threat was determined to go no further than the family dog, who had created the false alarm by chewing on a TV remote, causing it to smoke.

The smoke, it was determined, began filling the house after the dog damaged one of the lithium batteries inside the remote control. The mysterious smoke scared the home’s two children, who then ran outside to seek the help of other neighborhood kids. That’s when one of the kids called in the Calvary by dialing 911 and reporting what was initially assumed to be a bomb.

Members of the Metropolitan Explosives Disposal Unit arrived at the home, near Northeast 50th Place and Ainsworth Street around 3:31pm. Upon exploration however, police discovered the truth involved little more than one very embarrassed pooch. Fortunately no one was hurt during the incident.

Photo credit: steve 99 / Foter / CC BY-ND