Gun sales spiked this Black Friday. So many citizens have purchased a firearm that the FBI is expecting to log in roughly 144,000 background checks. This bumps the number of checks to about three every second – more than three times the national daily average.

For the nearly 600 FBI call center employees, they can expect a long weekend and up to 17-hour long workdays in order to process every background inspection and have the results in within three business days.

Background checks are a troublesome process, and 500 of the checks fail on a daily basis because of insufficient information provided by the gun purchaser. Federal background check offices are open every day of the year except Christmas due to the never ending volume of checks that need to be processed. Due to the gun sale spike on Black Friday, employees will be asked to work extra shifts and hold off on their personal leave. An additional 100 employees will also be brought in to help along.

FBI Manager Kimberly Del Greco acknowledges how hectic the background checks get during this time of the year but also stresses the importance that each check is done right in order to ensure public safety and that eligible gun buyers get the green light without delays.

21 million firearm background checks were conducted last year. Of those, about 1% of the checks did not pass due to the buyer submitting incomplete information or having a criminal history.

Gun sales for Black Friday aren’t normally something that is talked about. When it comes to the post-Thanksgiving pastime, the first things to come to mind are HD TVs, game consoles, kitchen appliances, and toys. The public at large often does not consider guns synonymous with Black Friday, though it’s a fact that firearms spike in sale just as much as all those aforementioned items.

[photo credit: mr.smashy]