Kejieme Powell’s shooting came at a time when the area of St. Louis was already in unrest after another officer-involved shooting — that of Michael Brown. This shooting occurred less than a week after the first, and was also under questionable circumstances. Like in Brown’s case, St. Louis police have declined to release the names of the officers involved in Powell’s shooting. Unlike in Brown’s case, though, the names have still not been released. There’s another similarity in the cases, though: Anonymous has stepped in to release the names.

It’s important here to note that one Anonymous account did release an incorrect name early in the investigation of Michael Brown’s case, and that Anon, like any source, is certainly fallible. They’ve released massive amounts of information about the St. Louis police department, officer-involved shootings, the Michael Brown case in particular, and the Grand Jury proceedings in recent months. About some of it, they’ve been right. About some they’ve been wrong, and in other cases, it’s been unverifiable.

Kajieme Powell’s shooting was a particularly strange case: the 25-year-old man was acting strangely and shouted something that may have been “Kill me now” while moving erratically. There is a video that police say proves they acted correctly, and others say show the police shooting an unarmed man only seconds after they arrived on the scene. The video is below. The police show up at 1:15 into the video, and the shooting begins at 1:40. Disturbing image warning.

Now, Anonymous says they won’t wait any longer for the police to release the names of the officers involved, and are sharing the information themselves. Anon’s statement about the officers is below:

The officers are, of course, visible in the video, but not identifiable to a casual observer at the distance from which it is shot. It’s not clear why the police refuse to release the information about Kajieme Powell’s shooting, especially if all was aboveboard, but perhaps Anonymous’ leak will spur them to an official statement.

[photo credit: Thomas Hawk]