A movie theater in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio descended into chaos Friday night as a brawl broke out between hundreds of juveniles. Police where called to break up the fight at the Cinemark At Valley View around 9:30 pm. Chief Matthew March of the Valley View police department later released a statement saying, “All evidence suggests that the incident began with a fight between two individuals, triggering the disorderly behavior of the mostly juvenile crowd.”

The fight is believed to have begun in the theater lobby and progressed until the brawl had spread to both the inside and outside of the theater, as well as to a nearby restaurant area. People in area restaurants where asked to stay inside until the fight was broken up and some even responded by taking the extra precaution of locking their doors.

Police say that approximately 40 officers from 10 different area police departments where called onto the scene to help break up the fighting. The theater in which the incident took place began ushering refunds to patrons who had purchased tickets after all the fighters where ushered outside by police and security guards.

Cellphone footage of part of the fight can be seen below, though viewers should be advised it is very violent.

Fortunately, police where ultimately able to break up the fight using purely vocal methods and no serious injuries have been reported. Although 3 kids where initially held by police for questioning, they were all later released into their parents’ custody without being charged. Law enforcement officials confirm that no arrests where made.