For many people the route to generating money online is paved with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Make cash online” • “Extra money fast” • “Home based business

These are just a selection of the main searches that will reveal strategies, ebooks, approaches, ‘secrets’, and full on courses, all on ‘how to make money online’.

In fact, there is more written about Internet Marketing than any other subject, and this speaks for the huge appetite for putting the Web to work to make money.

And this isn’t all that surprising. The UK the media recently ran with a story of high streets falling apart as consumers migrated online to buy their stuff.

To those with the inside knowledge, the Web really is a fertile source of wealth. And an increasing source at that.

Unfortunately, many think that this route to generating income is out of bounds to them. Possibly they think this because they don’t have a ‘big idea’, they have no starting cash, or they simply have no original product to sell. But, these imagined obstacles are merely myths. The single biggest blocker to making money online is: ‘not taking action’.

Taking action is a mammouth step in the right direction, and it does sound simple. If you know where to go, there is a wealth of freely available, high quality information on how to make a success of Online Marketing.

The ‘bible’ on this is The Challenge by Ed Dale and Robert Somerville.

The Challenge contains all the lowdown you need to get started. It started around 2005, and contains a step-by-step method to identify your market, launch and promote it so as to attract traffic, and earn income from it.

The Challenge is a direct response to the call to take action, and is thoroughly endorsed for those who have the time work through it.

And, it’s totally FREE!

But, as fabulous as The Challenge is, it do not sidestep the other big obstacle to making money online – it takes time to absorb all that knowledge, and then act on it. And that is just for one niche business. If you really want to make it big you need to scale out to ten, a hundred, or why not a thousand, or more, cash producing niche businesses?

It comes down to the old saying: Time is money.

What you will learn from all these good people is that earning money online comes down to applying a process systematically. But what the serious professionals do not say is that much of this process can be automated.

So, our first big obstacle is NOT TAKING ACTION. Our second is TIME, and the quantity of time it takes to get even just one business started.

So the message is: Earn smarter and AUTOMATE.

And this means right from the beginning. It is all too easy to put off getting started and take time to go through a course or a thickish e-book. But you can always come back and backfill the details later.

There is also little point of working away to get the first business up and running, if all that will do is absorb all of your time and energy.

The critical thing is to automate right from the get go. This will see you earning that first dollar faster, with less effort, and will enable you to start ramping up your online business empire almost immediately.

So there we have it. Tons of people want to make cash online, but they feel unable to take action either because they do not know what to do next or because they are drowning in a sea of information.

But, there is a way forward. The first task is to identify the steps in the system and then set about automating the steps.

By way of illustrating the benefits to be gained by applying this approach I will finish up with some projections. These are very conservative and the numbers are on a worst case view.

Let us imagine we create a site that make us a profit of just fifty dollars a month. Maybe that does not sound so great, but at least that should be achievable.

Remember that since we are all about automation here, this little site that is generating fifty bucks was created, and began earning money, at the push of a few buttons.

This means that we can go straight on to repeat this a hundred times more – so now that is five thousand dollars per month. But if a hundred, why not a thousand sites? Then we are into the realms of fifty thousand dollars per month!

So, even with a very modest earning from each of these micro-businesses, by scaling up the number of them we rake in the big profits. And automation is the key to making this manageable. This is a very different approach to the eggs-in-one-basket scenario where much effort is expended in trying to make a single site more and more profitable.

This strategy plays to the strengths of the internet – the web is very amenable to automation, and the sheer number of people online means that a respectable amount of traffic can be steered towards micro-sites and will convert to a healthy amount of sales.

This is the perfect approach for both beginners and online marketing veterans alike. If you are just getting started, you do not need a big idea. You need only a nominal amount of cash to get started. And you do not have to have anything to sell – other online vendors are almost desperate to pay you to sell their wares.