Woman is getting bored on first date ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Do you remember the last time you were on a first date? Can you imagine how it would have ended if you were totally impersonal, spoke in a monotone voice, wore drab clothing, and refused to look your date in the eye? If you are thinking, “Yeah, that sounds like me…” then you should rethink your dating strategy, but for the rest of us, we would never act that way on a date and for good reason. So why do we act that way with our webinars?

Webinars are often the first conversation we have with new prospects, yet the experience from registration, to presentation, to follow up, often feels business formal and forced. It lacks the one thing that can make the difference between just a name and a hot lead….an emotional connection. Does that sound sappy? It’s not. When prospective buyers evaluate different vendors, they often end up choosing the first company that finds a way to connect with them emotionally. That may mean identifying with their challenges, speaking their language, or simply adding some personality to your marketing. That “personality” should be found in your initial promotional emails, in the way your content is presented, and in the way you interact with them after the webinar is over. People want to buy from and work with people that they like. Is your marketing likeable?

It’s more than just a brand personality, it’s a human touch. It’s finding ways to create a connection between your message and your prospect. That’s why we see more webinars losing the straight presenter format and moving to more informal speaker formats like coffee talks, panel discussions, and interviews. It’s also why we see more marketers creating content that is customized, and marketed to, very specific segments of their larger database. It’s why we see the tone of marketing content start to relax a little, especially at the top of the funnel.

And now a little dating advice: The key to a great first date is authenticity. If you try to over-market yourself, you will just end up sounding fake and you will miss your chance at making a real connection. Don’t be afraid to show someone who you really are. It will help them find out if you are right for them, and vice versa.

Great webinar marketing should follow the same rule. If you put your personality into your marketing, you will have a better chance of finding, and connecting with, those prospects that are right for you, and for whom you may be the perfect solution. Want more webinar dating advice? Sign up for Getting Personal: How personalization can drive webinar success. Because you only get one chance at a first impression.