I recently read an article titled Are You a Social Expressionista or an Alpha Trendsetter (great title right?) by Cynthia Boris and it included a chart about the online and offline communication activities of US female internet users, by identity segment, March 2011:

What struck me about this chart was the percentage of women who tell others about brands they really enjoy.  That’s a huge number!  This is even more incentive for businesses to promote their products online and encourage their customers to do so as well.

I definitely belong to the “I like telling others about brands I really enjoy” category.  Many years ago a local hair salon opened shop, Blo, that specialized in blow drying only; no cuts, no color, nothing except for blow drying and styling.

Now I have a very thick head of hair.  It takes me hours to style it if I desire to attempt the feat.  This shop offered to do it in 30 minutes for $30.00.  I didn’t believe the hype.  I decided to prove them wrong!

The salon was simple, clean and elegant.  Two hairdressers did the impossible and I was out the door within 30 minutes of walking in looking great.  I got stopped on the road by people asking who did my hair, and if my hair was really my own, extensions? I promoted the hell out of their business. I told everyone I knew about how great they were and what they did.  People thought I worked at the shop.

The secret here is that I had a great experience and I wanted to share it with the world.  I didn’t receive a discount for what I did but I didn’t care.  I highly recommended their business to anyone that listened.  They also use social media to promote their business and they’ve grown from a one salon shop to all over North America.  They provide a great customer experience and live up to expectations.

It’s also imperative that you display your social media networks everywhere you can.  You need to make sharing easy as possible. We live in the age of one-click buying (Amazon) and you will benefit from making it simple.   Ask clients for testimonials and ask if you can share them.

The stats work in your favor.  Give your clients a great experience and let them share it with the world!