Access to data on demand and full transparency are imperative for managers in the professional services sector.

It is vital for them to identify the strongest parts of the business and address problem areas as early as possible. Where a business has grown too quickly, and particularly when international expansion is involved, it can be difficult to identify exactly which parts of the business are performing well. In these cases, central management will be faced with the thorny task of trying to understand and collate information from several offices – all of which are most likely using different software solutions.

It doesn’t take long for a company to get to the point where profits are being lost as a result of a lack of communication, yet it takes a lot for a management team to realise they don’t know their company as well as they should or where their business is succeeding or failing. With the right solutions in place, managers can pinpoint how the business can be changed to boost performance, improve profits and deliver sustainable growth.

ERP software addresses the problem of a lack of transparency across the organisation. It provides the best solution as all departments can use and feed into it, with the management team then able to access, analyse and act upon the vital business intelligence it can deliver. Many businesses, especially those in the professional services sector, don’t realise that they have a need for ERP software. Often, this is because they can’t see the full impact on performance that the lack of inter-departmental communications creates, or the extent of the problems that it causes.

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