Through the course of all that I am studying and learning while building my business, the most surprising thing I have learned is the necessity to adopt a servant mentality.

I had always viewed the wealthy and successful as self-serving, arrogant and generally not very genuine people. The more I read and research material from successful individuals and coaching professionals I have come to realize that in fact quite the opposite is true. Most individuals that have enjoyed what the majority of us would see as success, are actually far from self-serving. In fact I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to achieve true success based on self-serving principles.

Although it would appear that in many instances these individuals are only interested in themselves, when you drill down and really look at an individuals success and how they achieved it, you come to realize that in most if not all instances there is a genuine servant mentality at work. What often starts out as self-serving motivation can only take one so far. For many of us we begin seeking success for ourselves but once we begin the learning process we realize rather quickly that success is truly impossible to achieve unless we have influenced others along the way.

Create Significance

Success can only be achieved through significance. Think about it. What good is all the money, fame and fortune to anybody if they have not impacted and improved the lives of others along the way? As Jim Rohn once said, “better to live with someone you love in a tent on a beach then to live alone in a mansion”. When it comes right down to what is truly required to be happy in life, money and fame fall behind such things as love, friendship and self actualization. These things core values as described by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are the values of which everything else is built around. These are the values from which it makes it possible to set your sights and goals on something bigger and better. Success can never be about you alone but rather it must be about the significance that you can create for those around you.

Truly successful individuals recognize this fact and work and stay focused on their goals not for themselves but for whatever or whomever there ‘why’ is. As Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine and author of The Compound Effect shares, “When your why is big enough the how becomes easy”.

Individuals that have reached true success have generally not only created significance in the lives of those closest to them but they begin to use their wealth, power, influence and focus to expand on the number of individuals that they may bring significance to. To emphasize this point we need not look much further than such historic individuals as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. or John F. Kennedy. For more recent examples look to Bono, Steve Nash or Derek Jeter whom are all doing amazing things in regard to service to others.

If you truly want success, whatever that looks like for you, stop and pause for a moment. Think about where you are, where you want to go, then begin the process to “study, practice and teach” as many as you can. The more significance you can create for others the more success you will enjoy for yourself.