IMG_3170During our radio show on BlogTalk Radio, my co-host Jan Marino said, “I am working on this new word I found in a Jumble…it’s called FOCUS!” In today’s digital world, focus is becoming more and more of a challenge. Most of us carry around a distraction machine in our pocket or purse (I wear mine on my hip in a holster for faster and more convenient distractions). I recently got a new distraction machine (iPhone 6 – the smaller one) and a new stand for my car, so it’s convenient when I’m driving.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting more junk mail and robo-calls than ever before. Sometimes, unsubscribing from an email just confirms it’s a working email, and you end up on another list with additional junk mail. It can become a full time job unsubscribing and managing email. Social media sites are sending more and more emails to try to lure you back into their web of distractions.

Young Boy In Suit Doing His TieIn the process of learning new things, I sign up for webinars from people I know, like and trust. The next thing you know, I am being invited to 2-3 webinars per day. You could spend your whole day doing nothing except watching webinars and replays, but then how can you continue to learn new stuff?

You are probably making a mental list of all the things that distract you. I will cover some tips on how to tame the digital beast in a future post. For this post, I want to turn the focus to your customers. If you and I are fighting the digital distraction monster, it is reasonable to assume that your customer and potential customers are fighting the same fight.

So how do you make sure that your messages are evolving from distraction to action and hopefully a transaction? It takes “FOCUS”. You have to focus on perseverance, the purpose, and persuasion. Being consistent is important. The more random your messages, the more they can be perceived as distractions. The purpose is to deliver messages that your audience wants and hopefully looks forward to. Persuasion is the call to action and getting your audience to act.

Action is the hard part, however it is the desired effect. What do you want people to do: Click, Call, Subscribe, Like, Share, Buy? How do you get the desired effect? Ask or tell them. It does not guarantee anything, but so often we are consumed with the message, that we forget to focus on why we are doing this.

Here are some tips to help create the interactions you are hoping for:

  • Sign Up For an Email List: Growing an email list is one thing. Growing a list of people who want and open your emails is another. Getting them to sign up for your free report, video or Ebook is a great start, but you have to continue the conversation. Make sure your follow up emails offer a continuation of the information provided before and do not just offer A, B or C. Yes, we want to offer something every time, but sweeten the pot with some usable information, so if they are not ready to act, they will stay subscribed and look forward to your emails.
  • Like or Follow You On Social Media: There are many tools, plug-ins, buttons and extensions that let people like, share or follow you on social media. We all love re-tweets, shares, follows and comments. Engagement is happening at a slower pace and is harder to come by lately. With almost 1000 fans on Facebook, you may only have 20-30 who see each message. By having people like, share or comment, you start to expand the reach. We often leave this up to chance. How do you get people to take action? Ask them or tell them to like, share or comment.
  • Going Old School: Sometimes, we get so caught up with the distractions on our little distraction machines, that we forget their most important feature…the phone. You can ask people to call you to talk, or even better, you can call people just to see how they are doing and if they need anything. When I get a business card, I send a direct, nice to meet you email, to start the conversation. When I give presentations, I often offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to help them better focus on their needs. How do you get people to call or email you? Ask them.

When Jan mentioned her quest to FOCUS, I gave her a tip. Set a time and reminder in your calendar to create a to-do list. Make sure you add to that list a reminder to ask people to Click, Call, Subscribe, Like, Share, Buy! As my friend Jeff Herring says, “The first thing you should do every day is focus on something that is potentially or eventually going to make you money!”