2 Core Elements to a Success SystemAs you know, business success doesn’t just happen by luck. It takes hard work, determination, and a lot of perseverance to make it come alive. And one key feature of a well organized and managed company of any magnitude, is the design and implementation of Success Systems.

These types of systems can take a daily operation and turn it into a rhythmic task with higher efficiency. Understand that you can’t expect to achieve great results by simply “winging it.” That may work in some instances but not for the sustainability and growth of a truly successful business.

Unlimited Possibilities

So what are some systems you can implement? These can be anything from company wide payroll to key employee meetings or from product deliverables to customer generations. The possibilities are unlimited and so are the outcomes.

The good news is that there are many types of ways to effectively systematize your business. The hard part is actually implementing them. And just as there are numerous kinds of businesses in the world, there are even more ways systematize them.

Two Major Parts Of A Business Success System

At its core, a Success System really only consists of two elements: Rhythm Points and Consistency. From there they are differentiated by the needs they are designed to handle.

Utilizing these two elements well will greatly enhance and enable your system’s effectiveness. Below is just a brief explanation of each.

  • Rhythm Points – Just as drum beats keep the tempo of a song, so does Rhythm Points keep a system on track and alive. Rhythm is natural to us all as our heart beats in rhythm. We can even increase or decrease for needed productivity. So can this be done with your well designed success system. Rhythm Points causes a system to be productive and efficient.
  • Consistency – Though very similar to rhythm, it’s what makes a rhythm continue and what causes it to be successful. Because of consistency, we gain a trust in the system that it will always produce a certain output. Those outputs create expected metrics. These metrics give us insight and insight helps us know how to grow.

As you can see, rhythm produces efficiency while consistency creates growth. Both working harmoniously leads you and your business down the road to great success.

Originally posted on JasonHoover.me