succeedEveryone is familiar with the late night television get rich quick schemes. There were generally two ways in which these infomercials promised to help you, and hence two different approaches you could take. One approach, such as in the programs offered by real estate investor and infomercial huckster Carleton Sheets, promised to give you a full breakdown of all the steps you needed to take in order to make verified profits. The other approach, such as in programs offered by self-help guru Tony Robbins, promised to help make you a better person, which would lead to your having better results in all areas of life, including financial.

Many people believe that they are not having success in business because they simply are not following the right steps to creating positive cash flow. They believe that, if they could only find the right combination of products or services, marketing, and sales, they would succeed. They believe that, much like those who purchased the Carleton Sheets programs, success is a matter of following proven business principles. Though there is merit to this thought process, it may not account for all of the essential requirements for success.

It could be argued that the first step to having business success is having a burning desire to succeed. Anyone who is familiar with Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” will undoubtedly be familiar with this concept. Perhaps the reason so many marketing and sales blogs and articles focus on more of the “nuts and bolts” of how to achieve an incremental increases in this or that sales or marketing metric is because, as society becomes more science and technology based, these metrics can more easily be measured than can a concept such as desire. But, it is doubtful that any highly successful individual has ever made their achievements without first having acquired an insatiable desire to turn their dreams into reality.

Entrepreneurs tend to be seen as the fearless movers in American society, creating valuable products and services and bring them to market. But behind the façade many entrepreneurs are afraid of truly going after their dreams. So many take halfhearted steps towards implementing their master plans, never truly investing the amount of time, money, or effort that they know will be required if they are to have a true shot at success. This fear of failure can only be addressed by building a stronger desire to succeed.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Anthony Robbins, the guy has captured, in his philosophy, one of the most essential success creation concepts man has ever known. If you are looking to break free and finally obtain the kinds of results which you have always desired, start by double checking your mental state. Are you afraid of making that investment that you know is necessary? Are you afraid of asking for that opportunity that could change the game? Perhaps what you need is not only to learn better ways to market, or more effective ways to sell. Perhaps what you really need is a gut check to determine if you truly desire the success you are chasing, and if so, what you are willing to do to get it.