Social media marketers now have data to guide them in choosing the best time to post content on Facebook and Twitter.  Argyle Social created a helpful infographic (see below) to help marketers maximize engagement by posting when their audiences are listening.

Key Takeaways

  • B2C audiences are generally more engaged on the weekend, particularly on Facebook and particularly on Sunday
  • B2B audiences engage about the same on weekdays and weekends on Facebook but much more on Twitter during the week than on the weekend
  • Twitter engagement for both audiences is more active during the day, at the start of the week for B2B audiences and on Sunday for B2C audiences

These stats would seem to indicate that Twitter is being used more during working hours and Facebook more during personal time.  Taking this data into account can have a positive impact on the results of a marketing program.  And, as the infographic indicates, marketers need to think strategically and post when their audiences are listening, not just when it is convenient to post.  For example, by posting mostly during the week (see graphs below), marketers are missing an opportunity to reach B2C audiences, particularly, on Facebook by posting on Sundays

When marketers are posting

The scheduling function on social media apps like HootSuite and TweetDeck can be leveraged to schedule tweets for optimum engagement. Testing times and dates for your particular audience is ultimately the best way to know when to reach out to your unique audience.

What times are best for posting content to your audiences?

Full Infographic

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