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Whether you’re an established company or you are bravely entering the world of new start-ups, profitability is key. It’s a simple equation, more in and less out, but one that can quickly slip out of balance if you take your eye off the ball.

You need profits to grow your business, without them you’re going nowhere. Whether it’s implementing small improvements over time to reduce costs, or significant changes that will boost your turnover, here are the guides that will lead you through the considerations; step by money-making step.

1.       Master The Basics

As part of a one-stop shop for all things business, Business Gateway’s guide to profitability forms part of a series of advice on how to grow your business. Delivered in an easy to follow format, it covers the basics to consider when looking to expand your business.

It concentrates on four key areas, reducing costs while increasing turnover, profitability and efficiency, encouraging you to master the basics before you attempt significant changes. The key message being to get your house in order before you start buying up the whole street.

2.       Assess Your Processes

Is your profitability being bogged down by unnecessary processes; your staff pinned to the desk under mountains of paperwork? Sparkstone Technology offers ten tips on how to tighten up the way you do business.

If your company hasn’t embraced the benefits the digital world has to offer, your profits are most likely suffering for it. From unifying stock control and point of sale technology to harnessing information across all channels, this guide includes advice on tools that can help streamline your business processes and uncover hidden profits.

3.       Plan Your Marketing

If you like to be able to put a face to your advice then the Entrepreneur’s Marketing Club has a video guide that discusses ways to increase your profits through sales. Presented by a real business owner, this free content forms part of a larger guide that offers no nonsense advice focused on marketing. If you’re looking for in-depth step by step advice this guide promises to tell SMEs what to prioritise and how to put it into action.

4.       Talk From The Top

If you’re looking for some sage advice from the top of the business tree then this Business Week post might be just the ticket. How Small Businesses Can Boost Profits summarises the key points from Patricia Sigmon’s book ‘Six Steps to Creating Profit’, offering excerpts that will get SME owners thinking about the important issues to improve profits.

5.       Rethink to Expand

The final guide is for small businesses who already know the basics, offering well-thought out considerations for companies who need a fresh approach and want to push themselves forward. With examples from the industry and quotes from experts in their field who have tried, tested and succeeded with these methods, it’ll help you think about your next step towards more profits, ensuring you’re eyeing the top line as well as taking care of the bottom.

There has always been competition and worrying economic times but when you’re in business and your profits aren’t as healthy as they should be it can seem you’re winning a losing battle. Take the advice from others who’ve been there and done that and learn how to boost the profitability of your business.

Have you found any other great guides to improving profitability, or have any burning advice to share?