Last week I saw a post on Facebook from C.C. Chapman about a small microphone that he uses for interviewing and dictating while on the road. The photo he posted drew my attention because it looked like a miniature microphone that Elvis would have sang into back in the 50’s, but it was a modern USB device. I happened to be looking for a solid mic to take with me on the road for interviewing marketing thought leaders for the Marketo blog and rock n roll bands for the music blog I write in my spare time (shameless plug), so this seemed like the perfect solution.

Enter the power of peer to peer amplification on social media channels—a powerful strategy for marketers. C.C. is in my network and someone whose opinion I trust. I read the commentary which is both super helpful and comical (see the comments below; the real beauty of social). Here’s the original post from C.C.

Based on this, I bought the exact mic which turns out to be quite awesome. I then shared my experience with my network by taking a picture and announcing to my Facebook page how awesome this little microphone is.

How to use peer-to-peer to amplify every campaign

This word of mouth is clearly a powerful force in marketing. In this case, Samson didn’t do anything to encourage it (besides having a great product). The question is, what can we do as marketers to encourage and amplify this social recommendation? How can we make it trackable? Even more importantly, how can we use the power of peer-to-peer recommendation to amplify all of our campaigns and messages?

What’s the takeaway? It’s time for brands to build trust and empower brand advocates to share their message. Peer to peer amplification is the answer. The following motion graphic take a fun and informative look at the exact process detailed above and describes the process and benefits.

By the way, if you haven’t picked up C.C. Chapman’s new book “Amazing Things Will Happen”, I highly recommend it as it is a brilliant and inspiring read for marketers.