There is an article on Forbes that says there are only three true job questions. They are: Can you do the job? Will you love the job? And, Can we tolerate working with you? You might wonder what this has to do with knowing how to become an entrepreneur? Let me explain.

Take a long hard look at yourself and your position right now. Are you happily employed or are you searching for something else, something more challenging or something more rewarding? Either way you need stop and ask yourself these questions.

Can you do the job?

If you are already in the job you may think this question is a bit of a no brainer. It’s not! Trust me, I know a lot of people who have jobs that they do not have the mental capacity or knowledge to do. What is important is you have the desire to learn how to do the job to highest possible standard. If you don’t, then it is not the right job.

As an entrepreneur you will often find yourself in situations where you don’t know exactly what to do, but you are forced to learn and implement quickly. That speed of implementation is a factor that most profitable small businesses and entrepreneurs have.

Will you love the job?

Do you really enjoy what you do? Travelling hundreds of miles every week to sit in meetings, flying to new countries only to be ferried from the airport, to the meeting room and back to the airport again? Do you enjoy spending your weekends putting together proposals? Do you actually enjoy keeping abreast of the important issues in your industry or does it bore you to tears?

how to become an entrepreneur - i love my job

Can we tolerate working with you?

It’s obvious that likability is a huge factor when it comes to employment and business in general. This question is from the employer’s point of view, but turn it around and ask yourself can you tolerate working with them? That is the big question. You could be spending upward of 70-80 hours a week in communication with these people. More than the waking hours you spend with your spouse. If you cannot see the value they will add to you and your career then it’s not for you.

If you have answered no to any or all of the questions listed above then employment may not be the best avenue for you and in that case, entrepreneurship may.

Before giving up the career hunt or handing in your notice, here are 5 lessons I learned on How to become an Entrepreneur.

How to Become an Entrepreneur 5 Lessons Learned

1. Hold yourself fully accountable from day one

By taking the decision to become an entrepreneur you are holding yourself accountable and effective, and therefore, more responsible.

You will not have a regular salary coming in. So makes sure you are fully prepared by saving as much as you can to get the business up and running and also to cover your living expenses. If you think it will take 6 months to break even and see a profit, save for 9.

2. Commitment.

Being committed is doing what you said you would do, striving for the goals and targets that you set yourself long after the initial buzz has worn off. If you are not willing to work 70-80 hours a week for someone else then you had better be committed to working the same hours, if not more, for yourself.

Without that commitment and the acceptance that you will be living outside your comfort zone you will not succeed as an entrepreneur.

3. Get a coach.

how to become an entrepreneur - get a coach

Every world-class performer has a coach, not to do the work for them, but to see what they can’t see themselves. (The Oscar winning actor does not get there without direction!) You need to find someone who’s successful at coaching others in growing the most profitable small businesses and leverage their experience. A coach will certainly hold you accountable and will not let you make common mistakes that make so many entrepreneurs fail.

4. Investment.

Your entrepreneur business ideas will remain a figment of your imagination if you don’t invest time money and energy in turning those dreams into reality.

If it means you have to sacrifice a little of the “nice to haves” today so you can have the future you desire tomorrow, then that is a sacrifice you need to make.

Like with anything in life you don’t get something for nothing so be prepared for an investment on your behalf.

5. Accept and Embrace Fear.

Each and every day you will be living on the edge and you will have to remind yourself why you have undertaken this entrepreneurial journey to provide clarity to your situation.

If it all goes wrong what’s the worst that can happen? Is it that you’ll lose your mortgage and become bankrupt? I am not blasé about that, I can assure you. But that is possible, although I hope you will realize how drastic things are well before they get to that point and remedy the situation. Millions don’t.

That’s the worst case scenario. Now ask yourself: is that likely to happen? Probably not. If things get bad, you can take a job with someone else. And then you are back to answering the three true job questions from above!

If you answer the first three questions and you think that maybe the job or your current career is not for you then have a look down the list of the characteristics of an entrepreneur and see how many you have and whether you really have the gut wrenching desire to take control of your own future.

You may realise that spending time reading articles or tips on how to become an entrepreneur will not forward your business ownership dream! Take decisive action to put that right and avoid answering those three critical job questions ever again!

Here is the link to a article about job interview questions.