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Now, some of you might get put off a bit by who I’m writing about, but bare with me, this post is more about the what. I have gotten into this argument, um. Sorry. “Debate” before about, why I enjoy some (read: many) reality shows. Thanks to my mother studying cultural anthropology in college, she raised me with a different way of looking at the world. Essentially, it’s like people watching on crack. Mixed with coffee, and a little go-go juice. It’s not just watching mindless television (I admit, there is a hefty peppering of that involved) you have to watch with a student’s eye. The way people deal with what happens to them as they move along with daily life and the situations presented them (no matter how sorta scripted they may be) can be fascinating.

So let me show you some lessons I’ve learned from some a couple of the most colorful characters on TV today.

Bobo – find your passion

bobo-finding bigfoot-squatch likes it meme- carriejkeenanJames ‘Bobo’ Fay from the Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” is our first lesson. Bobo is a man with a passion. This man is all about the “squatch” (Note: I find the word ‘squatch’ and it’s action form ‘to squatch’ or ‘squatchin’ giggle inducing, but I’ll try to keep my composure).

You see, Bobo knows that the squatch is real and he is an expert on them. He knows the calls to make, he knows what they like to eat and how they live. He has thrown them a rave , solo camped, collected evidence and tried to lure them out by making them mad, This man has a passion for the squatch. Sounds crazy to you? Yeah. Me too. But you know what? He has a passion he has thrown himself into (sometimes rather literally) and become an expert.

What is that thing you want to know everything about? Think about what you choose to put your time and effort into, both in your work and personal life. For some, it might be creating your own comic, for others it might be striving to get that beat your best time in a marathon.

Take that thing that is your passion and find a way to bring it into your work. For example, I find ways to write posts about my career path (social media and blogging) but add that twist of things I enjoy outside the social sphere. (Star Wars anyone?)

So – What’s your squatch?

Boo Boo – be yourself

honey-boo-boo-you better redneckognize_carriejkeenanSeriously, if you have not heard of Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” you’ve probably been out in the woods too long with Bobo and his squatch. A lesson? From Boo Boo? I know this is where the rotten fruit is being prepped to toss at me. Personally, I don’t think beauty pageants are a terrific thing for little children, nor do I think it’s a great thing to have them on reality TV. That is a parent’s decision, not mine. However, the fact is, this is out there and has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon, like it or not.

When you think about it though, despite her rough looking “bringin’ -up”, her gogo juice induced hysterics and her not-so-hot pageant record; this little girl has one thing for certain. Honey Boo Boo knows who she is and has the self confidence to prove it! Miss HBB has taking a beating in pop culture. From pageant moms to celebrities to average Joe’s – everyone has an opinion on her.

But even at 7 years old, that little girl does not give a flying [email protected] about what people have to say about her. Love her or hate her, she knows who she is and that’s that. I for one, could go with a cup of that confidence myself!

You better redneckognize!

It’s a new year. Time for a fresh start. Be inspired by these free spirits to go your own way, and be the you-est you that you can be.