The ongoing support that a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) supplier can provide to a business, is just as invaluable as the initial financial savings which are gained. With their specialist software and highly experienced teams, every aspect of a business’ telecom estate moving forward, from billing to management, can be expertly controlled by a TEM supplier. In this article, we’ll look at how a Telecom Expense Management organisation can provide long-term support and future savings for your business.

A Telecom Expense Management supplier can assist your business in many areas moving forward. One of the biggest advantages gained from a long-term service is that the responsibility and time required to manage your entire telecom estate is taken on by a trusted external partner. The majority of organisations simply do not have the in-house resources to control this complex telecom environment. The task is put into the hands of TEM organisations who have the expert knowledge and experience to ensure that the area is managed professionally. This support allows businesses to focus their time and effort on their core activities, rather than waste valuable time on the many different aspects involved in managing a telecom estate.

Engaging in a longer term relationship with a TEM organisation will allow for key on-going benefits, such as the processing and continued control of large volumes of billing data. This will help a business achieve long term efficiencies above initial cost savings. Large organisations may have to deal with billing data from multiple suppliers on a global basis, making error checking and inventory control difficult to manage. A TEM supplier can help provide clarity and insight on entire fixed line and mobile estates through easy to understand reporting. These clear and precise billing reports provide an ‘at a glance’ view and enable businesses to stay in control of their estates on a long-term basis. Through this increased visibility of telecom expenditure, businesses can be notified in areas where actions need to be taken.

To identify future savings and continued cost efficiencies, a Telecom Expense Management supplier scrutinises monthly billing data in detail, which guarantees that all of the data is accurate. If there are errors in the supplier’s invoice data, this can be highlighted and corrected to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. The large amount of billing data associated with a business’ telecom estate, is often a result of organisations owning many different types of devices on a variety of contracts. To ensure future savings are made, a Telecom Expense Management organisation will control and monitor an inventory of devices. This collective and concise monitoring allows the TEM supplier to flag areas where possible savings could arise. Issues such as employees abusing their contracts or devices that need to be made redundant, are assessed and dealt with. This makes certain that businesses are not paying for devices that are no longer in use, and device usage can be capped. With data-hungry mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and dongles being increasingly used and demanded by staff, a TEM organisation is able to provide the clarity and market knowledge to control data usage and to reduces costs. Understanding all of the changes and updates to devices and contracts within the business through the inventory of devices, ensures that amendments can made for future savings.

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