Within a modern working environment the use of mobile devices that are paid for by the organisation is common practice. In larger organisations, managing this process can be fraught with difficulties. These challenges can often be detrimental to the ROI in allowing your workers to be mobile. A Telecom Expense Management (TEM) partner can ensure that you achieve a positive ROI through various methods, one of which is by identifying a number of current opportunities where cost savings can be made. There are four key areas that can be used to identify these savings.

1. Detection of unused wireless devices

The services of a TEM provider will help you manage and track multiple wireless equipment including phones, tablets and PDAs. You’ll not only have a clear view of how your assets are being used and where they are located, but also which employee is using them. This ability to track devices allows management to pin-point any unused devices that are costing the company money and terminate or re-deploy them, thus removing unnecessary spend.

2. Identification of possible provider over-charging

Through the use of bespoke software that is designed to analyse billing data, a Telecom Expense Management partner will be able to identify billing anomalies and errors in your current invoices, including overcharging.

3. Flagging up high cost users and applying appropriate tariffs

Research shows that the largest source of savings for any organisation that works with a TEM partner are typically found within the mismatches between the service plan and service usage. In our experience as many as a third of company mobile users, that use their devices for emergency only, could be served better with a pay-as-you-go plan. However, a big problem that larger companies regularly face are contracts where the usage for calls, SMS or data is simply too low for their needs. A major opportunity for potential cost savings can be found by matching the appropriate tariff for the appropriate level of use. This is a key area in which external TEM can help.

4. Finding misuse through the monitoring of calling patterns

Research shows that around 12.5% of investment in corporate wireless communications is actually through ‘bad spend’ or misuse of the device (source). A TEM partner can help identify this abuse through the monitoring and analysis of devices, which leads to the flagging up unusual calling patterns. This information is provided to the client in order for the company to prevent further fraudulent use or misuse of their devices.

These four key issues are the most common causes of unnecessary cost within telecom spend. A capable TEM supplier will use their skills and experience to find opportunities that will help save on telecom expenditure within these areas