This is a picture of a man talking on the phone.

Business professionals tend to include a phone number at the bottom of their email signature. (And if you don’t currently do that, you should.)

But, how many times are you prone to replying back and forth to solve a problem or have a conversation? How many times do you pick up the phone and call the person?

You can’t build relationships by email, writes Mark Whitby. If your friends and family only heard from you by email and never the telephone, the odds of you and sis having a strong relationship are weakened.

Personal passion gets lost in email, explains Rick Spence. The telephone, and not your email program, helps you evoke emotion and conviction. Adverbs are expressed and understood better by voice than by typed words.

And if you want negotiating power when communicating to a client or colleague, the phone is your best friend, elaborates Stephanie Taylor Christensen:

According to Psychology Today, men who feel intimate raise the pitch of their voice. When people feel less dominant in a conversation, they tend to drop their pitch in an effort to assert and regain power. A speaker who is being dishonest often speaks in tones that are “deep, loud, moderately fast, unaccented, and clearly articulated.” Hearing a speaker’s voice pitch can improve your negotiating power, help you understand how a customer or vendor perceives your relationship, and perhaps indicate whether they’re being wooed by competitors — before it’s too late.

This is why I routinely call Facebook friends on their birthdays (when they share their phone numbers) rather than posting Happy Birthday messages on their walls. I want them to know I care, I want them to hear me sing, and I want to inspire them to call me back. Thanks for that tip, Phil!

Email is overrated in 2013. It’s free to create a GMail, Hotmail, or Yahoo webmail account; and it’s easy to use. Click reply, write some words, send it, done. But you do have a phone, right? How often do people call you?

How often do you call them? How often are the people you’re calling the same people you’re emailing? Chances are, you call different people than you email. It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way.

Start with me. My Google Voice number is on my contact page. Call me. Introduce yourself. Get away from dilution and say hi.